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Welcome to St Matthew and St Luke Chadderton


The church service will be held at 4.00 pm on the 1st February. In order to prepare the Christingles for this service, it would be great if young people (aged 7 and above) could come to the Sunday School session at 10.30 am in the school hall, to help other young people ‘make’ enough Christingles for the service. All help is appreciated from young people.


Tracey (Year 4 & Sunday School)

2015/01/08 13:42 · Andrew Cox

Christmas Cards

Please recycle your Christmas cards by putting them in the box in the Narthex. I can then cut off the backs, and the pictures will be saved and put into Samaritans Purse shoe boxes for Christmas 2015.

Thank you.

2015/01/08 13:41 · Andrew Cox

Parishioners Donations to CMS for 2014

Thank you to all our supporters of CMS who gave so generously through CMS boxes, individual donations and supported the home bake stall in November 2014. The total amount raised £544.89. This money is being sent in support of those continuing the work in Africa from our Mission partner Isobel Booth –Clibborn.

Without your help this would have not been possible. This money will help support CMS mission partners working to provide a better life for children at risk. We all have heard the typical stories; children like the 7-year old girl sold into prostitution by her parents, a teenage boy sleeping in the streets already an addict, and the 10 year old girl left to care for her three siblings after her parents died of AIDs.

If anyone would like a CMS box to collect your change and donations please ask any member of the CMS team. You can make a donation anytime not just in November, cash or cheque, please make cheques payable to Church Mission Society; please specify if you wish to Gift Aid your donation.

Parish CMS team Frances Binns, Ann Emmott, Margaret and Kevin Lees

2015/01/08 13:40 · Andrew Cox

Food Bank - Chadderton Community Church

After speaking to the people who run the Food Bank, they said that they needed tins of meat, fish and vegetables. The recipients of the parcels need food that they can make a full meal of. They have lots of baked beans from various Harvest Festivals. Tea bags and coffee are also needed.

I was asked to pass on their grateful thanks for the tins etc that are put into the food bank box in the Narthex.

I will keep you informed via the Pew Sheet if anything else is needed.

Thank you for your support.

Susan Matthews

2015/01/06 13:51 · Andrew Cox

Baby Grows & Wool

Thank you to all who contributed baby grows and wool for the babies at the Royal Oldham Hospital. We had a fantastic response to our appeal. Please remember that this is a year round effort and donations are always gratefully received.

Thank you again.

Ione Genty

2015/01/06 13:50 · Andrew Cox

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