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Faith & Worship

Faith and Worship are at the heart of church life.  There is a wide range of services at St. Matthew's, so we hope there is something that resonates with you.  The quieter reflective services are on Sunday at 8.30am; most Sunday evenings and Wednesday at 10am.  Sunday 10.30 and Thursday 6pm have a family feel, and Thursday is usually fairly interactive; and Friday Family Worship is very similar to Messy Church - if you've come across that before.  If you haven't it's very hands on with the children (and parents) making and doing things related to a theme.  There's always something to take home, and either refresments or food.

There are several ways to get involved with the worshipping life of the church, follow the links to find out more

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Cafe Church

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Faith in the Workplace

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