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CMS - Church Mission Society

By supporting CMS we are helping our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world.  Our CMS partners are Andrew and Andrea Young.  They have been working in Napal.  

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Here is their latest Newsletter:

Dear St. Matthew & St. Luke, Chadderton,

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. The Lord works out everything to its proper end … (Proverbs 16:3-4)

We have been back in Nepal just over a month and it feels that we have never been away!

There is a sense of peace that comes with feeling settled for now.  

It is still hot and wet –which means it is constantly humid, we are counting the days until the monsoon breaks, and we have cooler weather. Health wise we are OK although beginning to feel the effects of the humidity and heat. We are mindful to take time out, but sometimes it is difficult to balance ours needs with those of others. Please pray that we are more aware of our work life balance so that we find ways to conserve energy and stay healthy.

All our colleagues in UMN now know about the downstairs space for prayer. They are as excited as we are and we already have had requests to use the space for retreats. We are quickly trying to get it equipped for use. This is not without its frustrations. The property owner kindly had new carpet fitted. However, when I went to check it I discovered they had fitted to different shades of the same colour! Plumbing issues in the bathroom caused a flood, which nearly emptied the water tank, and we have discovered many of the electric points are not earthed!

We are looking for furniture, as we only have two chairs and some cushions to sit on! However, last week we received a donation from UMN colleagues to help with some of the furnishings. We give thanks for this.

Working from home has been a good place to catch up with those who are working in Kathmandu or passing through. Which means that we have had many visitors, conversations and shared many meals. We are thankful that we now have Sharmila working for us who is an excellent cook. 

As we spend time listening to others we hear of the need for connection with each other and the yearning to meet with God. Some of the things we are thinking through in regards of the use of the space is:

Women’s lunch and prayer together

Women’s/Men’s breakfast for those who are working 

Silent Saturday meditation

Working with parents – to help children during transition

Advent day Retreat 

Individual Spiritual Companionship

We pray for discernment as we listen and watch for the plan God has for the development of this place of prayer. Please pray with us.

God’s peace,

Andrew & Andrea