St Matthew's 200 Club

"Would you, your friends or neighbours like to support our church and have great odds of winning a prize in our monthly draw?

If so, then read on…"


We operate a 200 Club that enables you to win a share of 45% of all takings for our draw each month – for just £4 a month. No other commitment, nor requirement to even come into our church! We are registered with the Local Authority and full details of our rules for the draw can be found here.

We’re currently running with approximately 70 syndicate members, so that’s a 1 in 23 chance of picking up one of the three prizes on offer each month!

For details of how to set up the £4 standing order and allocation of a syndicate member number, or if you require any more information at any time, just contact us via the link below.

The Administrators, 200 Club