Parent & Toddler Group

St Matthew's Toddler Group meet every Tuesday at 9.30 am until 11:00 am (although the doors are open from 8.45 am for mums who drop other siblings off at school). We sometimes open during term times to allow older brothers and sisters to see what the younger ones are up to.

The children play while the mums chat and get to know each other. Our activities include colouring, painting, playing with Lego and the favourite Play-Doh.

Snack time is enjoyed by all the children, as is the musical instruments and singing. Everyone enjoys having a dance and we have perfected the Hokey Cokey!

We would love you to join us! It costs £2.50 per child and £1 extra for siblings. If you have any questions or queries then please contact Alma on using the church contact details listed on the Contact Us page.