Choir & Music


We are very proud of our long-standing choral tradition here at St Matthew's. The church choir can be heard singing in the parish every week at our Sunday 10:30 am service and consists of members of our congregations. They tackle a wide range of repertoir from the Classical and Romantic periods to modern day contempoary works. In addition to the choir's usual duties on a Sunday morning, they can also be heard at other seasonal events in the church's calendar such as Holy Week, the parish carol service, and our annual All Souls' service, to name a few.

Our Organist and Director of Music is Garry Johnson and rehearsals are on Thursday evenings, 7:15 pm until 8:30 pm. If you are interested in joining the choir then we would love to hear from you! Please complete the form below and we will get back to you. Alternatively, feel free to speak to Garry after the Sunday 10:30 am service.


Music Group

We are very interested to hear from all musicians who wish to offer their talents to assist us in worship. The music group allows us to experience alternatice genres of church music that may lend themselves more to instruments other than the organ. Again, if you would be interested in getting involved in this way then please fill out the form below.


St Matthew's Organ

During the most recent re-ordering of our church, it was decided to replace our aging Makin organ. Anthony Bogdan Organs Ltd were asked to make their recommendations as to the organ specificaiton required to meet our needs.

After careful consideration, Viscount Classical Organs were selected to provide a new custom Envoy 33 Series two-manual organ with an extra five stops added for a West End division. The organ was installed during Holy Week in April 2018 and Anthony Bogdan voiced the instrument. The result is a fine sounding organ with sparkling mixtures, a full swell, and a solid English pedal division including a West End tuba.

The organ specification is as follows:

Great SwellPedal
Sub Bass - 32Double Diapason I - 16

Geigen Diapason - 8

Open Wood - 16Open Diapason II - 8Chimney Flute - 8
Open Metal - 16Claribel Flute - 8Echo Gamba - 8
Bourdon - 16Stopped Diapason - 8Voix Celeste - 8
Principal - 8Principal - 4Geigen Principal - 4
Bass Flute - 8Harmonic Flute - 4Wald Flute - 4
Choral Bass - 4Twelfth - 2-2/3Flageolet - 2
Mixture - IVFifteenth - 2Sesquialtera - II

Trombone - 16

Mixture - IVMixture - IV

Trumpet - 8

Contra Fagotto - 16


Clarinet - 8

Cornopean - 8


Oboe - 8

Great to PedalTremulantTremulant
Swell to PedalSwell to Great